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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on August 27, 2006

From a faculty and administration perspective, the message is often about the mechanics of teaching. The rise of social networks tells us that students (even young students) have the interest and ability to put together material in a way that makes sense to them and helps them to make sense of the world. Managing information through RSS feeds, for example, is something most students know and care about… as this is how they often get their news. Blogs that give an opportunity to express themselves, however they want… etc. Interesting blog to refer to is http://elgg.net/julielindsay/weblog with notes about student experiences with libraries.

Glen’s pondering about why academic writing needs to be presented as academic writing probably follows along the ideas that Stephen Downes professes…

If adult learners are empowered to manage their learning, then they ought to feel empowered to use whatever tools are necessary. As doctoral students it’s essential that tools are provided and support given for tremendous amounts of flexibilty AND that the tools rise organically.


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