Weaving Conversations

TLT Knowledge Log

Why the title?

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on August 27, 2006

Tonight I was awakened by the cat at about 1:45AM. I realized my 22 year old son had not called me to report that he had arrive safely at his destination. I also panicked because I thought I might have missed an important work deadline… too much going on… too many entries on the calendar and to do list… everything blending together so that the really critical stuff didn’t pop out.

I got up to run upstairs to my study and check the grant application to find out that I have three weeks before it’s due…. not day after tomorrow! Phew! Then… checked the voice mail I had missed because I was having fun spending time with my son, whom I don’t get to see very often… and because I was preparing for and hosting a Skypecast for school (see post below on that!). Then… I decided to start working on this blog and continuing the research that is behind my interest in this blog. Well… I found myself in conversation with so many people throughout the night… not because we were talking but because I was hearing and exploring their ideas. These conversations are mostly with myself… right now… but oh the conversations that are taking place in my head. I wish I could simply record them all. Maybe the dissertation would spill out!

The last time I was engaged in such academic intensity (despite 20 years working in Higher Education) was 24 years ago when I was working on my Masters degree. I was dreaming chi-squares, struggling with analytic techniques, and working hard to “educate” an arm chair Marxist about true activism (after 7 years as a political and labor organizer… with disdain for armchair theorists). Now… I find myself thinking in real terms about systems, analysis, hegemony (and having rich discourse with my son — a brilliant political scientist and writer!) I can participate in conversations because my mind is open… like a sponge… and I thought I was too old for that. And, I am so grateful to have technology to support this. In prior grad school (at the then New School for Social Research) I used index cards stuck in my ubiquitous DATE BOOK to remember, recall, organize the ideas that I thought would make up my thesis. Now… I can put things in this blog and privately in my wiki and in End Note and in other ways that allow me to integrate my ideas and find them again! I think I’m finally getting it.

I have a feeling this blog… which for some reason helped me sort through the things I knew were there and hadn’t figure out how to make useful to myself… may become my “source blog”. It feels like it is growing organically and may just be the site of my personal learning explosion. We’ll see!

Now… to stay on track (the structuralist in me) and find a way to systemize my thinking into something that will be useful (perhaps even valuable) to someones other than myself!

So… I’m weaving through, among, around, together conversations throughout my life.


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