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Awesome — How’d he do that??

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on August 28, 2006

How’d he do that?

Here I am imagining I’m writing in my own little cocoon… inviting in my friends and colleagues but not realizing that someone might actually find and read something here. John Connell you gave me one of those precious ahah… tickles the tummy it feels so good… moments when you posted something from this blog on yours. August 27th goes on the calendar as a day to remember!

I’m “supposed” to be unflapped by technology… I’m not. This connecting PEOPLE stuff is awesome! I can “see” it now in ways I’ve not experienced after 20 years as a higher ed IT professional and 10 years as an online instructor.

I feel FINE!!! And motivated. Awesome dude!


One Response to “Awesome — How’d he do that??”

  1. I’m with you on this, Carol – but, of course, I’m way too urbane and wordly-wise to admit that I find the amazing connections and the serendipity of this technology just as awesome as you do đŸ˜‰

    You are now duly installed on my sidebar, just as I am on yours (bet you never thought you’d hear beguiling words like these!).

    Carol T it is for the moment – you’re the only ‘anonymous’ blogger allowed on the list.


    ps you and Tim are, of course, absolutely right about the jargon of Web 2.0 – I tried to avoid getting sucked in by it, but I am finding myself using it more and more…..

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