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I must be missing something…

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on September 4, 2006

…as I move through the various materials on Web 2.0 (I’m going to find a better term for that too!) in the classroom. So much related to K-12. That’s wonderful!

But, where are the adult educators? Where are the graduate programs? Where is the research into adult learners and application of Web 2.0 at the graduate level. My guess is… from my own experience… that there isn’t much there. I’m focused on it for my doctoral work, and I guess I’m just surprised not to find very much in the blogosphere… must be buried in academic journals (tongue planted firmly in cheek). I wonder if academic freedom is being redefined… only if you’re in my classroom will I share my thoughts with you. I have to be careful here as, after 20 years as a higher ed administrator I have a somewhat cynical view of “academic technology”.

When I’ve discussed this with a couple of colleagues they’ve commented that there are a lot of online learning programs for adults… what’s my problem? Aargh… that’s not the point, obviously. I’ll keep working on this and blogging my results…

Back to work.


2 Responses to “I must be missing something…”

  1. A better term for Web 2.0? You and me both, Carol.

    The only alternatives I hear are ‘the live web’, ‘the social web’, ‘the read/write web’ – none of them do it for me. Have you had any inspirational thoughts?

    I’ve been trying to think of a metaphor or an analogy that might offer a possibility, but to no avail as yet.


  2. It occurred to me the other day, and I think that I put this on your site, that the “old” term world-wide web works for me. But, I agree, an inclusive metaphor will really be good. I’m trying to turn on my clever switch!

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