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I woke up…

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on September 6, 2006

…and it was worth setting the alarm for 3:30 AM ET in order to hear Stephen Downes’ presentation on learning objects. It was really quite awesome to be part of the experience. As I’ve started to explore the personal learning environment I’ve had some challenges, as a teacher, in understanding how that would work. I get the idea… primarily when I think about it as relates to what we know about adult learning theory… we learn best when we own our learning. I guess I can only relate that to myself and my beginning understandings of learning in web 2.0 world… there isn’t a text book (at least I haven’t seen one) and when I search in the library journals what I do find is pretty technical. But, when I participate in the accessible conversation that is occurring via blogs, skypecasts, podcasts, wikis… those who are generating and formulating the knowledge and ideas… I am learning in a very different way. By this experience I am challenged to produce work in a way that isn’t understood by a lot of academics… so there in lies both the teaching and the learning moment I surmise.


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