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Spreading the word!

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on September 18, 2006

I wish I could get to TeachMeet06… oh, wait. I can! Ewan Mcintosh will Skypecast part of the session! See you there!


3 Responses to “Spreading the word!”

  1. Hope to ‘see’ you there, Carol !

    ps do you have an RSS feed for this blog?

  2. John… I don’t think I understand what you’re asking… is there an RSS feed for which blog? I’m sure I probably need to set something up… I’m still learning! Thanks!

  3. Carol,

    Your other blog (I am N of One), for instance has an RSS feed which is:


    Depending on which browser you are using, when you go onto your ‘N of One’ blog, you might see ‘RSS’ at the right hand side of the address bar – clicking that takes you into a view of your blog that sets out all your posts as a simple list. Or you can simply type the above address into your browser and see what happens – not all browsers are RSS-enabled – Firefox, Flock, Safari are, while some versions of Internet Explorer are not.

    I use an ‘RSS aggregator’ called Newsfire, to which I add all the RSS feeds of all the blogs that I like to read – it then refreshes itself with all the latest posts from all of those blogs whenever I open Newsfire up. I can see at a glance what people are blogging about, and then I can follow up the ones that interest me by going to the blog itself (a link in the heading of each post takes me straight there). This is a lot easier and more efficient that having to read through lots of blogs one by one to see who has been posting.

    I’ve just checked for you:


    (i.e. using the same format as your other blog) brings up the RSS feed for this blog too. I’m not sure though why the link doesn’t show up automatically.

    Hope this helps. I’ll say hello on Wednesday!!


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