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AP Calculus… 35 years later

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on January 29, 2007

Last Friday I had the opportunity to view, via webcast,┬áthe PLE (personal learning environment) symposium conducted at University of Manitoba. The afternoon session was particulary…well…moving. As Darren tried to figure out how to tap dance through his beautiful presentation without it available to him because there was no internet for the presenters… in order to feed the webcast… (a peculiar┬álimitation to have at a University Learning Technologies Center…). Anyway, I’d encourage everyone to experience┬áthe presentation… talk about an awesome way to learn Calculcus… write the textbook yourself! Boy oh boy… what that would have done for my senior year in high school! I might actually have understood what I was doing!

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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on January 27, 2007

This educause publication… Web 2.0: A New Wave for Innovation for Teaching and Learning… has been recently touted by a couple of faculty at my school as the “be all and end all” for learning about the subject. It is an informative article, but to really see these innovations in action look at the classroom work of Clarence Fisher and Darren Kuropatwa. I hope the materials from the PLE conference where they presented will come available more publicly soon! The webcast itself was great (but what the heck is up with no internet access for the presenters??) and I wish I could have been there to hear the students themselves speak. Oh well!

The responsibilities of doctoral programs in this area seem large to me, and they are basically not being addressed in modern ways. The debate over LMS is getting old. The debate over copyright (which raised itself yesterday at the PLE) is old too! I know things move slowly in academe… but are we the dinosaurs staring at that meteor that’s getting ready to hit the planet? Obsolete… to extinct? Hmmm…

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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on January 27, 2007

I couldn’t go to Washington today. My 23 year old son drove down instead. Like David Warlick I would have gotten a hotel room and had an early morning flight. I would have relished the feeling of returning to my youth. Oh how sad… this awful cycle repeating itself. I’m proud of my son for carrying on the heritage and for at least listening politely when I ask him to be careful, not to take too many risks. How lucky I am to have him, freshly graduated from college, moving to New York City, working hard to make his own future. My heart aches for the mothers who have lost their children in this terrible war. I hold mine tight to me… while hoping he and his generation will be better caretakers than those of us who held signs, got arrested, chanted loudly, supported our troops, opposed our leadership and momentarily made a difference…

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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on January 24, 2007

The past couple of months have been quite a challenge for me personally, causing me to put a number of important things on hold. I am finally getting back in the swing of things and back to my work on this topic. I have revised the dates for the components of my KA and am in the process of working the Applied piece — that being a presentation to the Northeast Cluster of Fielding Graduate University’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and Change. I will be discussing and showing off the components of a personal learning environment for doctoral students (podcasts and wikis and blogs, oh my!!) using Moodle, and achieving doctoral level competencies in the use of technology.

I continue to be stunned by the lack of basic competency with important writing tools… word processors, reference organizers and simple tools for appropriate academic writing. I hope my work will begin to close what I see is a challenging gap.

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