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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on January 27, 2007

This educause publication… Web 2.0: A New Wave for Innovation for Teaching and Learning… has been recently touted by a couple of faculty at my school as the “be all and end all” for learning about the subject. It is an informative article, but to really see these innovations in action look at the classroom work of Clarence Fisher and Darren Kuropatwa. I hope the materials from the PLE conference where they presented will come available more publicly soon! The webcast itself was great (but what the heck is up with no internet access for the presenters??) and I wish I could have been there to hear the students themselves speak. Oh well!

The responsibilities of doctoral programs in this area seem large to me, and they are basically not being addressed in modern ways. The debate over LMS is getting old. The debate over copyright (which raised itself yesterday at the PLE) is old too! I know things move slowly in academe… but are we the dinosaurs staring at that meteor that’s getting ready to hit the planet? Obsolete… to extinct? Hmmm…


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