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Nomadic learning

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on February 5, 2007

I’m a nomadic learner. I didn’t know that term until today, listening to Will Richardson in his presentation to the Connectivism Conference. I own my learning. I move about… read, reflect, integrate, synthesize at my own pace in my own time for what is most important to me. I’m lucky… I’m in a distributed doctoral program that expects me to do this, as well as supports me in that effort. Even so, the application of Web 2.0, while perfectly sensible to me as it relates to andragogy and Knowles ideas of contract learning, is a bit foreign to some innovative faculty. Teachers as mentors… teachers as connectors… students as teachers…. Will said he has stayed connected to the blogging and connected community because of his passion. Isn’t that what learning is all about?


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