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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on February 12, 2007


Clarence at Remote Access speaks about Carmun in a posting today. I have mixed feelings about this, but my Fielding colleagues have set up an Educational Leadership and Change group… so we’ll see!

I’m wondering why I have mixed feelings and am beginning to think it’s my paradigm shifting….


3 Responses to “Carmun”

  1. While I would never wish a paradigm shift on anyone, as a founder of Carmun I do like hearing your consideration and thoughts. We’re early in this game, and our application, and as such truly appreciate all commentary and feedback, as you see fit. Thanks

  2. Oh, paradigm shifts are a good thing… I was being facetious! I’ll be taking time to look at this… my area of current research is on the application of “web 2.0” technologies to scholarly practice at the doctoral level… I subtitle the work Learning is Chaotic! Look forward to working with you. I’ll post here when I’ve had a chance to start exploring!

  3. Glen said

    The leadership and change group on Carmun don’t seem to be doing much of either.

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