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Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on February 13, 2007

I have been posting in the systemsthinking blog about why I like Zoho (to encourage my classmates to try it out!). I’ve also demonstrated, on that site, some of the problems I have with Zoho for academic writing. I’m getting ready to try the plug in (but first I have to do a big presentation on Saturday! After that I’ll have time!)

Things I would love to see: workflow that conforms to academic writing, direct connection to a reference site (such as Zotero or RefWorks, though I am a heavy user of EndNote myself) and the abililty to easily format to research styles. I know online journals don’t necessarily require this discipline, but I think of it as important part of my academic and scholarly discipline and it certainly would be a roadblock to teachers trying to use Zoho for academic writing.

Anyway… I believe these folks are really doing a great job. And Raju… let me know if you need testers or supporters for this effort! I’m more than willing, particularly for higher education applications!

Here’s the cool video…


2 Responses to “More on Zoho”

  1. Elizabeth:

    I’d certainly appreciate your help in alpha-testing notebook and providing your feedback on how it can help the education market. Please do email me your Zoho ID (you have my email address) and I’ll provide notebook access.


  2. Ian Wenig said

    Elizabeth – thanks for the feedback on Zoho Writer; I am personally very interested in working with researchers and academic writers to improve Writer and its formatting and compatibility with other services in education. Definitely invite your collaboration for further discussion on this.

    Zoho Business Development

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