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Learning is Chaotic

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on March 16, 2007

On February 17th I presented, via WebEX and Conference call, the early part of my work on personal learning environments. I was not able to record the presentation, so I went home and recorded. I’ve spent the last month learning more about the “production” side of creating these types of items.

Embedded in my presentation are three videos. The citations for them are included on the last page of the presentation, but just so no one thinks otherwise, I did not produce or create the videos on Web 2.0, Elearning 2.0 or PLEs. These are all available to the public through youtube, google video and a blog. I simply embed them here for your convenience. The production quality is much better if you access them directly, so I encourage you to do so.

Learning is Chaotic, Part 1: Introduction and Web 2.0

Learning is Chaotic, Part 2: ELearning 2.0

Learning is Chaotic, Part 3: Personal Learning Environments

Learning is Chaotic, Part 4: Personal Learning Environments, Part 2

Learning is Chaotic, Part 5: My Experience

Learning is Chaotic, Part 6: Themes

Learning is Chaotic, Part 7: Tools

Learning is Chaotic, Part 8: Carry On!

5 Responses to “Learning is Chaotic”

  1. […] 16th, 2007 — C Elizabeth Thomas You will find the video recording of the 2/17 presentation here. It’s in several sections due to the length limitations on YouTube. I look forward to your […]

  2. Glen said

    Fantastic Job Carol!!

  3. […] 2.0 tools for making this kind of professional exchange possible. I recommend taking a look at her Learning is Chaotic links. Carol has been doing some interesting research, so why not drop by and provide some […]

  4. […] 17, 2007 at 9:41 am · Filed under Uncategorized Oh how vulnerable it feels to have my work, especially work in its infancy, out there for anyone to look at, read, listen to and comment on. […]

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    Achieve Leadership

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