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More on Zoho

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on February 13, 2007

I have been posting in the systemsthinking blog about why I like Zoho (to encourage my classmates to try it out!). I’ve also demonstrated, on that site, some of the problems I have with Zoho for academic writing. I’m getting ready to try the plug in (but first I have to do a big presentation on Saturday! After that I’ll have time!)

Things I would love to see: workflow that conforms to academic writing, direct connection to a reference site (such as Zotero or RefWorks, though I am a heavy user of EndNote myself) and the abililty to easily format to research styles. I know online journals don’t necessarily require this discipline, but I think of it as important part of my academic and scholarly discipline and it certainly would be a roadblock to teachers trying to use Zoho for academic writing.

Anyway… I believe these folks are really doing a great job. And Raju… let me know if you need testers or supporters for this effort! I’m more than willing, particularly for higher education applications!

Here’s the cool video…

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I Object (sorta)

Posted by C Elizabeth Thomas on August 28, 2006

An emerging theme of the past few days… use of words. I’m not a linguist…

I object to the continuing use of language that serves to separate us rather than connect us. Some words I see make me crazy because:

(a) I don’t know what they mean (right off the bat)

(b) I can’t find an easy way to find out what them mean (like, hey, perhaps a definition!?)

(c) I find them off putting (I’m sure the originator didn’t mean to sound… oh, I don’t know… haughty?) because they make me feel dumb and don’t encourage me to discover their meaning… like there’s this technology IN crowd and I have to pass some kind of test to join!

I want to know what a word means and I want to know why I should care about it. If I know that, then I will take the time and energy to figure things out. If I feel like the word is egocentric or personality driven then I probably won’t. Wha I love is that we can make an entire new language and culture… I guess I want to extend its reach.

So the meaning and utility of the words/phrases listed below are the ones I’ll be sorting out in the next couple of days. Feel free to help me out! What do they mean and why should I care (as a citizen, student, teacher, worker)?

1. Trackback

2. Permalink

3. Internet time

Okay.. did some research… I get the concept of a permalink (http://www.plasticbag.org/archives/2003/06/on_permalinks_and_paradigms/) but don’t understand how they’re implemented. By the person who manages the blog or the person looking at information on the block!

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